The Lusthof is one of thirty interventions aimed at re-invigorating the RDM dock in Rotterdam. The underlying idea of the Lusthof is that the site needs to attract economic activity in order for the proposed developments to become feasible. The erotic industry is one of the most profitable industries around the world, and Rotterdam is in desperate need of a new safe location to practice this industry after the closing of its previous red light district.

Combining these ideas, our conclusion was that an Erotic centre that creates a safe working environment for sex workers, can at the same time perform as an economic motor for the area, drawing in crowds and money. The building concept revolves around placing prostitution in the middle of a busy environment while at the same time guaranteeing the workers privacy. This is expressed in the building both on the level of form as well as on the level of programme placement.

During the project, a wiki was developed explaining the concept and background of the design. This wiki can be found here.

Project Data

Projecttype: University Project

Location: RDM Dock, Rotterdam

Year: summer 2015

Client: city, fictional

Buildingtype: Public Building

Size: +/- 4000 m2


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