The client was interested in a conceptual design for their new faculty which is intended to be erected as part of the 2020 floriade in Almere. Their desire was that the design would reflect the schools green ambitions as well as a notion of flexibility, creating the idea that the building could grow or shrink over time. Besides this, the building would also need to function as an incubator and meeting zone for green businesses and education in food science.

The design consists of a main volume in which the school is housed, the form is L-shaped with a raised corner to form an invitation for passerbys to explore the central courtyard of the building. Adjacent to this courtyard are several green businesses such as organic supermarkets, clothing stores which sell green and sustainable clothing.

On top of this structure modular boxes are stacked, they all conform to a gridsize of 7.2 by 7.2 meters and can contain anything from offices to teaching spaces to laboratories. The roofs are conceptualized as green roofs, creating lush terraces where students and staff can relax away from the crowds of the Floriade.

Project Data

Projecttype: Concept Development & Visualisation

Location: Almere, Netherlands

Year: fall 2013

Client: CAH Vilentum

Buildingtype: School

Size: 7500 m2


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