BK Roof

For this design I had the opportunity to work on a space that as an architecture student at the faculty of Architecture in Delft conatins many memories. The studios of the faculty of architecture are currently plagued by climate issues such as drafts, overheating and interfering glare.

To combat these issues, I proposed to remove the entire roof construction as it sits today and replace it with a buckminster-fulller inspired tubular structure. This tube is double skinned, contains adaptive systems, and composed almost entirely out of glass, both to let light in, and to provide students with a view of both the skyline of Delft and a close-up of the building details.

The core of the design revolves around creating a high-tech adaptable skin that creates a pleasant internal climate that can be maintained sustainably, detailed information can be found in the article.

Project Data

Projecttype: University Project

Location: Delft, Netherlands

Year: spring 2013

Client: Architecture Faculty, TU Delft

Buildingtype: Renovation/Redesign

Size: 2000m2


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